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In Gresham, OR homeowners and property owner’s alike trust Gresham Concrete Services for superior concrete services at a competitive rate. Customer satisfaction is our leading priority and we go the distance with a cutting edge team of concrete laying professionals. 

Count on our time-honed skills and attention to detail to ensure that your concrete work will meet its specifications. We pride ourselves in our impeccable finish and enduring results. Call our team if you are interested in: 

Allow us to show you what a professional job looks like when improving your property in Gresham or laying the foundations for new projects. We are available for business Monday – Saturday and we will always ensure that our valued clients are 100% satisfied with the results. Let us be your partner in the exciting concrete work you have planned, call us today for a free estimate

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Concrete is a sturdy and durable option for building material and has a high demand in the construction of modern buildings. We do first-rate building work in Gresham



Concrete is made to withstand the elements, impact, drills and everything else you can throw at it. So, it takes special skill and experience to core through concrete. 



Concrete curbing can add value and function to your property. We offer superior curbing to meet all demands you may have. Expect attractive, functional and durable work all at a value price. 


The concrete elements of a property and structure are essential to the operations happening within. call 

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We adhere to a high standard of diligence and conduct our concrete work meticulously. This begins long before the concrete is mixed during the pre-construction planning phase. Here is where the plans will be reviewed, projects will be outlined and ordered and the plan is communicated to those involved in the work. No matter the size of the job or the attention it requires, we always apply the same care and diligence.

If you will be bringing a professional to work in your home, be they a cleaning service or concrete contractor, you must make sure they are licensed and insured. Unless they carry a valid coverage plan, any accidents they may have will be covered by your homeowner’s policy. Furthermore, licensing ensures that the work carried out by this professional will adhere to the accepted industry standards. At Gresham Concrete Services we support our work with up-to-date insurance coverage and licensing to provide our valued clients with the peace of mind that there will be no unfortunate surprises.

Our team of concrete professionals are the best in their trade and equipped with cutting-edge equipment. With many years in the service, our technicians can provide spectacular flooring results for all types of applications. 

It is our desire to see your dreams and plans made reality and this begin by getting you the floor and grounding you desire. No task is too big or small, easy or complex for our team of professionals.

Years of experience providing excellent services to a diverse clientele here in Gresham has allowed us the time and insights to perfect our techniques. We have also acquired an extensive list of suppliers allowing us to provide clients with top-of-the-line materials and the cutting-edge equipment needed for an enduring construction.


  • Concrete is an excellent material for a wide range of applications. It has a high compressive quality and can be poured to fit the dimensions of the space it is needed.
  • Concrete is also very practical in a wide variety of construction applications. Concrete is comprised of Limestone which is especially abundant on the planet and used extensively in the construction industry.
  • Concrete tends to have a drab or plain appearance, nevertheless, if the design needs to be enhanced there are ways to enhance its appearance. Coatings can make solid floors more attractive and resistant to wear and tear.


Many people get the idea that concrete interiors are drab and boring and best kept for correctional facilities, but this is not the case. Concrete flooring can be warm, charming and delightful while still offering many advantages over conventional flooring options. Concrete floors have been used in commercial applications for some time but its application in the domestic environment is snowballing.
Here are some of the most important benefits to expect from your concrete flooring options.

Concrete flooring is the cost-effective solution. Not only will your floor look great, but it will retain its beauty for many years with the right attention. Furthermore, your concrete floor will not require as much attention as other floors.

A concrete floor can withstand all kinds of attrition and attacks. Heavily trafficked areas will not become damaged like a wood or carpet floor and you will have a material that can last half a century.

A concrete floor will not need as much attention as a wood, ceramic or marble floor. Even in locations with very high amounts of traffic, your concrete floor will only need attention every two or three years.

A slick concrete floor may appear to be a slipping hazard, but this is only a problem if the task is not handled by the professionals. Call us to find out about our non-slip additives that make our concrete floors a welcome addition to any home.

You may get the idea that concrete will lower the temperature of your rooms, but not so. As a matter of fact, you can expect the same thermal mass as you would find in a marble or ceramic tile floor. As you know, these tile options can help keep your energy expense low during the heat of the summer.


  • Concrete is a dangerous thing, and anyone who is not practicing safety when working with heavy concrete objects has the potential to damage themselves or people around. From the very beginning of the task the entire project should be geared toward safety.
  • At Gresham Concrete Services safety is always our no. 1 priority and we adhere to the strictest of safety regulations. Furthermore, the many years of experience that our skilled concrete technicians have under their belts has made them cool-handed and sure footed experts. If you are looking for a thorough team of experts to handle the job with the utmost caution and care, call 503-563-8735.

Gresham, OR Concrete Services

You will find concrete is used extensively in a wide range of commercial applications. Gresham Concrete Services offers an extensive listing of commercial services that add value, beauty and functionality to your commercial location.

We fully understand that the longevity of your final product as well as its functional and aesthetic value are decided by the skill and professionalism of the concrete contractors. For this reason, we go the distance to ensure that our projects are conducted with client’s expectations in mind. Client satisfaction and a job well done are our primary motivators and for this reason you can always count on attentive care and a personalized approach at every turn.

We all specialize in stonework and masonry. Our knowledge of ancient construction methods coupled with our high-skill in modern construction allow us to create a wide range of masonry work to suit any need. Masonry is one of the oldest forms of construction and is still in application today for its beautiful style which can completely alter the look of your indoor and outdoor structures.

As with all our work, it doesn’t matter the size of the job or its complexity we handle all tasks with the same precision and care while offering the best prices you will find on the market. Whether you are looking for something functional like a deck or fireplace, or purely aesthetic like a façade, we are the tam to call in to achieve all your plans and expectations.

concrete can be colored and shaped or molded to take on many different textures and styles as well as imitate other materials. This means we can make your concrete driveway look like a red brick road. You are no longer limited to concrete that looks like concrete.


Gresham Concrete Services is a complete concrete contractor service that supplies Gresham, OR with superior commercial and residential concrete services. With over 30 years of experience in the industry we have perfected a wide range of specific tasks. We can provide your property with decorative or functional concrete work of all kinds. Count on us for the best driveways, pool decks, patios and walkways. You will find that experience, skill and an unwavering attention to details is what sets our reputable company apart from the competition.

As a complete concrete contractor, Gresham Concrete Services will offer a variety of other associated services as well. Call us for demolition and removal services and we’ll bring out Bobcat and dump trucks. And you will never have to worry about a thing going wrong as we are a licensed and insured company with over $2 Million in liability and full worker’s compensation.