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In today’s modern world and design, a decorative pool deck made of concrete is one of the trends that many people opt to get. Whether you’re planning on hanging out with your friends, inviting guests or sunbathing with your family, a decorative concrete pool deck is an amazing choice. While a pool deck is similar to a patio when it comes to its functionality, the materials that should be used are different and have certain requirements that need to be met such as orientation, sun reflectivity, and slip resistance.

Decorative concrete has given homeowners the chance to decorate their swimming pool that lets them match their home’s exterior and at the same time, be compatible with their environment. Additionally, they’re able to replicate some of the most expensive materials like wood, or slate stone.

The Process

What Are The Different Options For Concrete Pool Decks?

Given that you have a structurally sound concrete, there are different ways to repair your concrete pool deck. Aside from it being an eyesore, it may also pose several risks if not repaired properly. The overall cost to repair and/or enhance your pool deck may generally vary depending on the overall condition of your concrete as well as the color enhancements that will be used throughout the process.

To achieve the best results, you have to make sure that all “compromised” concrete parts are completely removed, while all cracks have been filled. You have to make sure that the pool deck is properly settled and sloped – if not, it needs re-leveling.

Resurfacing Your Concrete Pool Deck

If you’ve noticed your pool decks to show signs of damage such as scaling, cracking or spalling, the best option to get this fixed is to have it resurfaced with a concrete overlay. This process will initially help cover up the damage and at the same time, enhance your pool’s overall appearance since you’ll be able to add texture, some colors and also change its pattern. Some of the systems that are being used today are specifically made to resurface pool decks – which in turn, also helps improve the slip resistance and help reflect the heat of the sun.

Recoloring Your Concrete Pool Deck

Pool decks, when not taken care of properly also needs to be recolored. Over time, color hardeners, concrete stains, integral pigments and/or other famous coloring methods used for pool decks may lighten due to different causes. Some of these may include but are not limited to sun exposure, weather, improper method of applying the colors and even pool chemicals.

The good thing though is that despite the discoloration, concrete color on your decks can be revived by simply using a new coat of either water-based or acid stain. Most of these products are already UV-resistant, which means that you don’t have to worry about discoloration due to prolonged sun exposure. Partner it up with a good sealer, expect your pool deck to look beautiful and retain its color for a long time.

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