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Concrete Walls Contractors in Gresham

When you choose Gresham Concrete Services you will get the best poured concrete foundation walls available in Gresham.

Foundations walls should be something you can depend on to provide your house with superior strength and stability. You don’t want something that can rot or make your walls look like they are leaning over. For the greatest strength and durability, you can depend on poured foundation walls to provide the stability your house needs. The superior strength and density of concrete will make your poured foundation walls watertight to dramatically reduce problems with basement water. In addition, concrete walls require little or no maintenance.

The versatility and dependability of concrete foundation walls ensure that the valuable asset that is your home is placed on a firm base and it works equally well for both residential and agricultural purposes.

One thing about Gresham Concrete Services that sets us apart from other concrete contractors is our commitment to pay attention to the smallest details when pouring concrete for foundation walls. Our unique robotic Total Station System makes it possible for us to accurately lay out the foundation walls of your property.

Concrete walls will save you energy. One of the greatest benefits of poured concrete walls is the ability to save energy. The higher density of concrete walls compared to cement block walls is its ability to absorb and store heat more effectively and efficiently.

Poured Concrete Retaining Walls

Unprotected banks of soil can endanger underlying areas beneath them. With heavy rains, mini-mudslides can occur that could wipe out any work you have put in to secure banks of soil. At Gresham Concrete Services we can provide you with the proper lateral support for vertical slopes of soil. With concrete retaining walls built by our experts, you will have a solid, long-lasting barrier of protection against soil erosion that causes mudslides. Concrete walls are environmentally friendly and will give your property a modern and clean look. By building a sturdy concrete retaining wall you will have peace of mind that your valuable property is protected.

Concrete Pumping

If you have a project that is difficult to complete because of limited access to some parts of a construction site, a concrete pumping truck with extended boom can place the concrete where you need it.

Because every job is unique, at Gresham Concrete Services we provide personalized estimates for each and every project. Our concrete experts provide only the best professional and quality workmanship to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. Whether it is a residential or industrial project, we strive to ensure that our customers get only the best possible service. Our concrete pumping services include retaining walls, poured concrete walls, and other concrete pumping services.

Our diverse background in concrete services coupled with experienced engineers, Gresham Concrete Services should be your first choice for concrete service in Gresham. Give us a call today and we will give you a free estimate.