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Stamped Concrete

For your concrete stamping needs, allow us here at Gresham Concrete Services to help you with the overall design, construction, and installation of your project. If you’re looking for someone to help you with the architecture design of your home, we are here to help you add some elements to your home making it unique – so unique that you’re the only one in your neighborhood that has it. We have a wide clientele servicing both industrial and residential properties making sure that we provide only quality work that’s easy on your pockets.

In every project we work, our goal is to make sure that the area and its surroundings look and feel comfortable and enjoyable. The aesthetics of your home or business plays a huge role in the overall impression of other people seeing it. With extensive years in the industry, we want to keep everybody happy as we back our work with warranties. For custom projects that you want to bring to life, come and discuss it with us and let’s make it happen.

Concrete Stamping

What is concrete stamping and what are its applications? In simple terms, this is a method that allows us to imitate the appearance of certain surfaces like wood and/or natural stone. Concrete is considered to be very versatile, which can also be an alternate and cheaper solution to other materials. We can add colors to the mix to make it even look like an exact replica of the surface. Concrete stamping has been considered to be a top choice for projects like driveways, pool decks, and sidewalks because of its cost-effectiveness and aesthetics.

Concrete stamping is cheap, requires little effort to maintain and gives you the freedom to design the surfaces based on your needs and personality.

Top Concrete Stamping Patterns

Concrete has been the top choice in most residential and industrial design projects and is often found in most homes all over the country. As mentioned earlier, concrete stamping gives us the freedom and versatility to match any existing surface – and even come up with unique patterns that look amazing to any home or office. Some of the top popular concrete stamping patterns are:

With its versatility, concrete stamping can be found in a wide range of applications, which simply means that this can be used to completely transform the aesthetics of your:

Gresham Concrete Services has made a name in the industry, employing only the best and experienced engineers with an extensive background and the eagerness to provide top-notch services. For your concrete service needs in Gresham, give us a call today!