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Concrete Stairs Contractors in Gresham

You don’t need to look any further when you are searching for concrete stairs. Whether it’s precast concrete stairs or bespoke concrete stairs, we are known for exceptionally fast turnaround time.

Some of the common applications of concrete stairs include apartment buildings, swimming pools, restaurants, offices, commercial buildings, split-level houses as well as gardens and outdoor spaces.

Concrete stairs offer a number of advantages as compared to other materials when it comes to an access solution. The biggest benefit is their strength and durability. The concrete stairs are capable of taking a heavy load and are also able to withstand harsh weather conditions without the fear of rotting. Also, concrete is a durable material which means the stairs will last for decades without the need for any repairs. You can also get these customized as per your unique requirements and these stairs can also be crafted to create a beautiful aesthetic feature.

Concrete Stairs

We specialize in concrete staircases. We have over two decades of experience in installing concrete stairs as well as assisting in creating unique and bespoke designs.

We construct staircases in which gives the best possible results. We customize each individual project to maximum impact with clever use of lighting, living area and space available.

Once completed, the staircases can be finished in a wide variety of ways using various materials including carpet, tiles, wood or marble among others.

We have installed concrete staircases in various types of projects including apartment buildings, entrance stairs for buildings or apartments, internal as well as external stairs/steps, new commercial developments, refurbishment projects as well as residential homes (new and existing).

Call us now to discuss further possibilities for your unique project. We also offer extensive range of reinforced concrete works such as swimming pools, basements, floor slabs, retaining walls, reinforced concrete walls, columns, raft foundations as well as suspended floors.

Advantages of Bespoke Concrete Staircase as compared to Precast Concrete

he design is unique and made to your exact requirements. Creating the same design in precast will require the creation of unique models which will cost a lot of money.

You have the ability to add the concrete staircase to the project at any point in time whereas precast concrete stairs usually need to be done before roofing.

While our company offers fast turnaround for the precast concrete stairs, our team of experienced engineers is also capable of creating bespoke concrete steps as per your exact requirements, in situ and with minimal disruption.

Gresham Concrete Services will happily work along builders and architects. We will also provide all the information you need about the time taken for a concrete staircase or steps project as well as the cost.

Our team of reliable and experienced engineers has a diverse background and is always willing to go that extra mile and this has made Gresham Concrete Services the first choice for any kind of concrete service for homeowners and business owners in Gresham.