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We at Gresham Concrete Services, are serious about our work and our recent experience and work performed for our clients within the Gresham area speaks for itself. No job is too big or small and some of the services we offer may include but are not limited to patios, driveways, sidewalks, and even slab work. What we promise: high-quality services offered for your concrete flatwork job needs, at a price that’s within your budget.

Types Of Concrete Slabs

Garage Slabs

Garage slabs sizes may range from 4 – 12 inches in thickness. The thickness, as well as the material types that will be poured into your garage, mainly depends on the vehicle types and sizes to make sure that the overall structural integrity of the concrete remains in check.

Hard Trowel Finish

In Gresham, hand trowel finish is one of the main options that you can opt to choose when it comes to concrete slabs. The overall process makes use of a street trowel – which in turn densifies the surface, making it smooth, yet hard and durable.

Broom Finish

From the term itself, this process makes use of a broom or a similar device that’s being dragged across the slab of your Gresham home. This gives the concrete a uniform look, making it aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. 

Decorative Finish

Among all types of concrete slabs, this is considered to be one of the most attractive, economical, durable and isn’t hard to maintain.

Our Guarantees

We at Gresham Concrete Services value our work and we promise to deliver services that follow standard practices. We are hands-on with our work, directly working with our material suppliers and concrete producers making sure that we’ll provide only the best and give you the highest quality work for your project.

However, since our concrete work is made by humans, regardless of how experienced and supervised they are, there are some instances that small imperfections may occur.

Other factors that are no longer within our control may also cause concrete to become damaged. Some of these may include but are not limited to de-icers, regular wear and term, equipment, chemicals used and vehicles.


Due to the differences in concrete mixes, we cannot always exactly match any existing color of your concrete. We cannot guarantee that the work we'll do will exactly match your existing material.

Flaking And Popping

Due to various weather conditions, concrete or stone that's exposed may be prone to flaking and popping. In the concrete construction industry, if flaking and popping occurs and are not covering more than 20% of the slab's surface is considered to be normal.

Shifting And Settling

Just like cracks, concrete may also settle and shift eventually. No matter how hard we try to make sure that the soil is fully compacted, concrete slabs may eventually settle, causing the shifting and settling of our work. Since soil activity is something that's way beyond our control, shifting and settling is something that's beyond our warranty.


At one point, there's a tendency for concrete to crack by nature. The extent of the concrete cracks is what this warranty is all about. In the concrete construction industry, any type of cracks that are not more than 1/2 inch is considered to be normal.

With a team of experienced engineers with a diverse background, our promise to you is that we’ll go the extra mile to meet your needs and demands. Gresham Concrete Services promises you to deliver your concrete needs within Gresham.