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Concrete Resurfacing in Gresham

Most flooring systems have a useful life of a few decades but when it comes to concrete, it can be categorized into two types: cracked and one that is going to crack. Our concrete resurfacing system is what you need in such situations.

Available for Everyone
Concrete resurfacing is an excellent, safe and affordable flooring solution for commercial, residential as well as industrial purposes. Some of the most common applications of this flooring solution include patios, driveways, and educational facilities due to it being an affordable solution for damaged concrete as well as pool decking as it’s a relatively easy solution for breathing new life into the delicate concrete slab.


If you’re looking for a flooring solution that is super affordable and breathes new life into your existing floor whether it’s a commercial, residential or industrial property, concrete floor resurfacing is for you.

Garage Floor

Garage floors have to withstand oils, gas, harsh chemicals and heavy weight. A garage floor without a proper coating begins to deteriorate rapidly and you should consider concrete resurfacing if your garage floor has started showing some cracks, gouges or divots.

Pool Decks

In most cases, there is no covering on pool decks which means they have to bear the full force of the elements. If you have a pool deck that is beginning to show signs of cracking, you should give us a call to our concrete resurfacing contractors to make your pool deck look beautiful again. Don't forget that the concrete surrounding your pool is in contact with some fragile components which makes the removal process risky. Resurfacing makes sure that nobody needs to touch the important components of your pool.


Most people like to entertain their guests on the patio. If the patio in your home has cracks, you should call us today to know why resurfacing is the right choice for you. It will open up a whole new world of customization for you. Overlays in different designs can be trowled directly over the material used for concrete resurfacing.


If you have a driveway that looks weathered or cracked, you do not necessarily have to tear it down as it's going to cost you quite a bit of money. If stress cracks are starting to appear on the surface, you should consider resurfacing the slab. Do not forget that it will become unrepairable after some time. You can always customize the driveway once the resurfacing process is complete.


Sidewalks get almost the same amount of traffic as driveways which means cracks are common. Also, salt treatment is also done on sidewalks just like driveways, in the winter months. Such harsh treatments decrease the strength of the sidewalk.

Our team of reliable and experienced engineers has a diverse background and is always willing to go that extra mile and this has made Gresham Concrete Services the first choice for any kind of concrete service for homeowners and business owners in Gresham.