Gresham Concrete Services

Paver Installation and Design in Gresham​

Why Choose Concrete Pavers?

Unlike other options, concrete pavers are considered to be one of the most durable and flexible types, which also requires very little maintenance. Comparing it with concrete, concrete pavers also have a larger load-bearing capacity once it has been poured, aside from the fact that this type also makes way just in case contraction and expansion happens. With that being said, contract pavers, with its flexibility characteristics prevents cracks, making it more durable and last longer as compared to concrete slabs. For drainage, concrete pavers also have mortarless joints which makes drainage performance superb and also helps with the prevention erosions during a run-off.

Remember These Things If Going For Paver Installation

Always make sure that you use the proper base material, regardless of how suitable your underlying sub-grade materials are.

To ensure proper drainage, always make sure that you adjust the grade.

Give sufficient time to layout pavers once that you've successfully installed and leveled the sand bedding.

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