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Concrete Foundation Laying in Gresham

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Any building or structure sits on a foundation which is its primary element. The entire structure sits on it and this is the reason, it is extremely important for the stability of a structure. A good foundation distributes load evenly over a bigger area to avoid putting excessive stress over a particular area. The foundation made of concrete provides excellent strength and it goes a long way in making a structure over it stable as it is a highly durable material. Concrete foundations typically last for decades.

Types of Concrete Foundation

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This is the classic design and it is typically used in areas where soil freezes. In this type of foundation, walls are built on the top of a footing and the footing goes deeper than the maximum depth of ground. The maximum depth of ground is the depth where soil doesn't freeze in the winter months. The footing is wider than the walls in order to provide necessary support. For building this type of foundation, footing is initially placed and after its placement, walls are constructed and poured. In the final step, slab is placed.

Slab-on-Grade Foundation

In this type of foundation, the foundation slab made of concrete is poured directly onto the ground. The edges in this type of foundation are kept thicker as compared to the rest. This offers strong support for the whole building. However, this type of foundation is not the best choice for all kinds of styles and regions as concrete is always in direct touch with the soil. This is the reason, it is considered suitable for areas with warm climate and where soil does not freezes in winter. This type of foundation is also vulnerable to flood.

Raft Foundation

This is a type of foundation where the whole structure is placed on a single concrete slab. In case of slab-on-grade foundations, only the lower part of the building is supported by the base slab. However, in this type of foundation, it is designed to support the whole building. Load is transferred from the upper floors through columns and the foundation slab provides support for the lower part of the building. The foundation can also be reinforced using a ribs or beams. Raft foundation is preferred in areas where the bearing capacity of soil is poor.

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