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Concrete Landscape Borders

You might be surprised to find out that a plain old landscape may look special by simply adding some curbing and borders. These are considered to be some of the most common types of finishing applications that can make or break your home’s overall look.


Reasons To Choose Concrete Landscape Curbing

For the majority of homeowners, one of the main reasons behind choosing concrete landscape curbing is the fact that it doesn’t get rusty or doesn’t cause edging. Some homeowners are just tired of replacing their rusty landscape curbings, and this is the most ideal solution if you’re experiencing this problem.

How To Install Landscape Borders

  • The landscape is prepped for curb installation by initially working on the sod cutting, and the ground preparation simultaneously.
  • Once the landscape has been prepped, the concrete will then be poured on a self-contained trailer for mixing, followed by the color. The amount of color to be added depends on what is required for the job. The mixture should closely look like a wet send - as it is a combination of dry mix.
  • As soon as the concrete has been mixed, it is then transported to the construction site, which will then be fed to the concrete machine and out into the landscape borders beautifying your landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will There Be An Effect On My Landscaping If I Replace My Edging With Concrete Curbing?
  • All existing edgings will be removed by your installer. From the exterior edge of your current landscaping, your installer will also cut a strip of sod that’s 9 inches in thickness. Doing this allows your installer to get rid of your current edge and add the concrete curbing.
  • Is It Possible For Me To Mow Up Against My Concrete Curbing?
  • If you’re worried about your curbing getting damaged with your mower’s blades, stop worrying as there will be no damage done. As a matter of fact, it allows you to mow exactly against it, which saves you a lot of time when cleaning up the grass and weeds surrounding your landscaped areas.

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